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Terms & Conditions

The following is the short version of our terms & conditions, mainly contain statements relate to order placing, pricing and return policy, as they are the most important things to know in most cases. The long version includes other statements relate to copyrighted material, the usage of this website and disclaimer.



1.1 We only sell and ship products within Australia. We will not make deliveries outside of Australia.
1.2 You are deemed to place an order with us by ordering via our online checkout process. As part of our checkout process you will be given the opportunity to check your order and to correct any errors. We will send you an order acknowledgement, detailing the products you have ordered.
1.3 We will send you a despatch confirmation by email. When we despatch the order the purchase contract will be made even if your payment has been processed immediately, unless we have notified you that we do not accept your order or you have cancelled your order.
1.4 We may refuse to accept an order:

  1. where goods are not available;
  2. where payment is still uncleared after 7 days;
  3. if there has been a pricing or product description error; or
  4. if you do not meet any eligibility criteria set out in our terms and conditions.

1.5 If you change your mind after order is placed, you must contact us via email within 7 days. Any unpaid order will be deleted after 7 days if we receive no payment or response from customer, we may delete account and also block the associated ip addresses from accessing our site again.

1.6 It is your responsibility to leave us an accurate delivery address. Once the parcel has left our hand, it is impossible to alter the address, as it is all automated operation within Australia Post delivery system. If the parcel gets returned to us due to incorrect address, the return postage will be CHARGED (thus we have to charge you).


2.1 Our prices are in Australian Dollar (AUD). Total price includes GST.
2.2 The price of products shown excludes shipping costs, shipping information can be viewed at http://top-choice.com.au/shipping
2.3 We reserve the right to change prices for products at any time.
2.4 Effective 1 April 2018, we are registered for GST.


3.1 If you wish to cancel your order:

  1. you can notify us by email to info@top-choice.com.au BEFORE we have dispatched the goods to you; or
  2. where goods have already been dispatched to you, by returning goods to us in accordance with clause 3.2 below.

3.2 You can return goods you have ordered from us for any reason at any time within 30 days of receipt for a refund. Refund does not include shipping cost. The costs of returning goods to us shall be borne by you.

3.3 Upon receipt of the goods we will give you refund of the amount paid excluding shipping cost.

3.4 Top Choice Variety will not provide a refund or replace a product that has been misused, mishandled or incorrectly installed or serviced. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all instructions and advice or warnings given by the manufacturer or supplier are followed.

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