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Can I leave special instruction in order comment?
Yes you can but please only the simple comment such as "Please leave on doorstep if unattended". We will try to follow your instruction but please note that it is not a guarantee that the postie will...
My parcel is damaged
In extremely rare circumstances, if you have just received a damaged parcel, please bring the damaged parcel to your nearest Australia Post outlet to fill out Customer Service Complaint form (a.k.a. g...
My parcel is awaiting collection at post office?
On some occasions such as: Your mailbox is too small for the parcel and the postie couldn't access to your door due to security gate. Postie couldn't find a secured location to leave your parcel. ...
Tracking shows "delivered" but I have not received it
This situation is rare but unluckily it happened to us once in 4 years. Every Top Choice's shipment has its tracking number and it's trackable at Australia Post website. If you receive our email...

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