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What payment methods do you accept?


As for now, in order to reduce human handling time (and error) and processing time, we RECOMMEND our customer to use Paypal or credit card payment. Credit card (VISA/Mastercard) payment can be processed via Paypal platform without the need of having a Paypal account.

For limited time only, we do accept Bank Transfer, however we really don't recommend it and this is why:

  1. Bank payment usually take at least one business day to clear, eg if you send payment on Saturday, since Saturday is not a "business day", it will postpone to Monday to process, and we will receive the cleared payment on Tuesday, that is 3 days wasted all because of waiting the "banks" to do their "job".
  2. In case of refund, we will be needing your bank account details to process the refund and again, you will be receiving the "cleared" refund after 1~2 business days.
  3. Human errors do occur, eg wrong amount entered and submitted. In this case we might hold the order until the exact amount is settled.

All of the above "issues" will be GONE if using Paypal or credit card payment.

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