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General Ink Guide

General Ink Cartridge Installation and Maintenance Guide

This is a general guide that covers most of our cartridges, however please always refer to the user's manual included in the package (if there is).


  1. Please store in a cool dry place.
  2. Don't open the package until you are ready to use the cartridge.
  3. Please avoid contact with chip or electronics when opening the bag.


  1. For Epson and Brother cartridges please remove yellow tab located on the top of the cartridge or remove the black/yellow cap and install as normal. Note that for Epson please remove black "spacer" before installing.
  2. For Canon cartridges please remove orange or yellow tab located on top of the cartridge before removing the orange cap on the bottom, then install as normal.
  3. For HP 10/11/82/84/85/88 cartridges, please remove yellow tab located on top of the cartridge and install as normal.
  4. Perform a nozzle clean once the cartridge has been installed. Repeat this process if necessary.


  1. If cartridge is unrecognisable, please take out the cartridge and reinstall it.
  2. If printout is not good, please leave the cartridge in the printer for 5 minutes, then perform a nozzle clean (please refer to printer's manual for instructions).
  3. With Epson cartridges you may get a message stating this is not an Original Supply please press "continue" to print as normal.


  1. The cartridge must be used within six months after opening the bag.
  2. Run your printer at least once a week to avoid the residual ink from drying out and clogging up the print head.
  3. For best printouts, ensure that the working environment temperature is among 5℃ ~35℃ and humidity is among 50% ~ 75%.