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Postage Change (effective from 1 Mar 2013)

Postage Change (effective from 1 Mar 2013)

Australia Post had raised their satchel prices at least 3 times (possibly more) ever since we started our shop in 2010, but we still kept the postage unchanged for all these years. What this means is that we absorbed the increased cost for all these years while keeping same postage cost to you. We were able to do so because we bought lots and lots of satchels before each time Australia Post raised their price. Unfortunately our satchel stock is running low now and we won't be able to hold up very soon.

If we keep maintaining our postage rate while Australia Post has already raised so much, it will be unhealthy for our business especially when we keep offering such low ink price. It is the fact that everything has gone up these years, petrol, electricity etc and that affects every individual and business. So I have made a tough decision to change our postage rate and hope it can still be a good balance for our customers. All we are asking is a 50 cents raise. I do believe we are still very competitive.

Here is the new postage rate effective from 1st of March 2013:

  • Total weight below 500g will be a flat rate of $6.50 $7.00 (normally $8.80 $9.55 $9.85 at Australia Post).
  • Total weight above 500g will be a flat rate of $10.50 $11.00 (normally $12.00 $13.05 $13.95 at Australia Post).
  • Free Shipping will be applied if total items value reached $75.00.

We still absorbed some of the cost and hope to encourage our customers to purchase more items in one go so shipping can be optimised or waived when over $75. And remember, we only use Express Post as we want to shorten the delivery time for everybody. Normally it takes 5~10 business days to get to Perth from Brisbane, now only 1~3 business days. Not just Perth, it's anywhere within Australia, no other courier can achieve the same thing.

Lastly I just want to emphasize that, when you purchase with us you know your order will be under good care. We check every single ink cartridge carefully before we pack and when we found faulty such as ink leakage or missing chip, we replace immediately. We put much more effort to ensure all items are securely packed and having enough protection during transport. And to reward our loyal customers, everytime you make purchase, you earn points, and these points can be redeemed as discount when you make your next purchase (redeemable at checkout).