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Anywhere in Australia including PO Box
Ink $1.1 e.a.

Shipping Information

Postage Rate (unless otherwise stated on listing):

  • Total weight below 500g will be a flat rate of $7.95
  • Total weight above 500g will be a flat rate of $11.75
  • Closing down flat rate $10 inc GST.
  • Free Shipping will be applied for orders over 75AUD.
  • Orders are delivered via Regular Post only.

In General:

All of our goods are sent via Australia Post from Brisbane. We only ship within Australia.

At all times, we only post to the shipping address you have specified during checkout, that is the one you stored in your address book under "My Account" section.

All orders are despatched WITHIN TWO BUSINESS DAYS (usually on the next business day).

We do not take responsibility for customers purchasing the wrong products so PLEASE make sure that you purchase the correct product, eg. correct cartridges to suit your printer. Please contact us first if you are not sure.

MOST shipments have associated tracking numbers. You may track your item status at: http://www.auspost.com.au/track/ please note that status result will usually start to show when package reaches your nearest distribution centre.

On some occasions such as:

  1. Your mailbox is too small for the parcel and the postie couldn't access to your door due to security gate.
  2. Postie couldn't find a secured location to leave your parcel.
  3. Unattended while signature is required (if parcel is sent by eParcel or Registered Post).

Your parcel may be transferred to your nearest post office for your collection (you will be carded). Please kindly note that post office usually hold the parcel for 5 working days only, after that they will return parcel to us and return postage will be CHARGED! Also note that postage for re-sending the parcel to you will be charged as well! So to avoid it being returned to us, please collect it asap.

Make Sure Address Is Accurate:

It is your responsibility to leave us an accurate delivery address. Once the parcel has left our hand, it is impossible to alter the address, as it is all automated operation within Australia Post delivery system. If the parcel gets returned to us due to incorrect address, the return postage will be CHARGED (thus we have to charge you), so we certainly do not want that to happen.

Delivery Time:

Regular Post:

  • ACT: 2-4 working days
  • NSW: 2-4 working days
  • VIC: 3-5 working days
  • QLD: 1-3 working days
  • SA: 4-10 working days (usually 4)
  • WA: 5-10 working days (usually 6)
  • TAS: 5-10 working days (usually 5)
  • NT: 5-10 working days (usually 5)

Revised 7-1-2018