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Customer Review System
We have just implemented the customer review system, so far we have our two customers giving out their valuable comments. I have immediately realised the review page is showing their full name! I cannot believe Zen Cart did not give consideration about privacy… Anyway, we have fixed all the pages that show reviewer’s name so that only partial name is showing. ..
Back in business
Thanks for the patience, we are back in business! ..
Vacation Notice
After two years of non-stop operating, we decided to give ourselves a break (vacation), we will be closed from 11-Jan-2012 to 11-Feb-2012. Last orders by 10-Jan-2012 23:59pm. We will still check our mails, but will not be able to take and despatch orders. Sorry for inconvenience. ..
Greater Year
On behalf of Top Choice Variety, I would like to thank all of our loyal customers and supporters for everything. It was a great year in 2011, we have achieved a lot of things, and we look forward to a fresh start in 2012. What did we achieve? We set up SSL for much more secured transactions A Q & A page that should answer most of the FAQ. Being listed in Zen Cart’s showcase Got spotted in ozbargain Facebook fan number reached 550! We brought..
We moved to Australian server
For the sake of speed, performance, reliability, security, up time … we have moved to Australian server. For those who shopped with us, try our speed now :) By the way, we were so busy on other projects (a lot of projects going on simultaneously) and didn’t have time to fix the broken product images. now all product images should be displaying. If you found a broken image, please kindly let us know. ..
Our Google+ Page
Sometimes I really don’t see the point to have another social network page… it’s just another thingy to clone Facebook and seduce people to invest $$$$ and time into it. Having said that, given it is free, so I thought “why not?”. Visit our Google+ page ..
HP 88 and 18 series now available at Top Choice Variety
We are probably not classifed as ink shop because we actually don’t stock all of the ink models, and we only stock those cartridges that are “colours separated” type and non printhead embedded. And we try to include all possible models from this range. Now we have included more HP ink cartridges. HP 18 and HP 88 are very similar, but in fact they are not entirely compatible to each other, so you will have to see the suitable printers and make sure you got the right o..
Epson Compatible 133,138,140 Arrived
Every once in a while (usually 1 or 2 years) the printer manufacturer will release new type of chips and use on their ink cartridges for new printer models, so that they can once again own the ink cartridge market (highly priced of course) for awhile. This can get annoying. But you got to love the compatible cartridge factory in China, there is nothing they can’t make. After long waited period we now stock all of the main stream Epson compatible ink cartridges, they are 133, 138..
CLI-8 Red, Green, Photo Cyan, Photo Magenta Added
We have added these rare ink models into our stock range, there are CLI-8 Red, Green, Photo Cyan and Photo Magenta. ..
CLI-526 PGI-525 restock in 2 weeks
Our compatible CLI-526 with chip and PGI-525 with chip will be in stock again in 2 weeks...
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