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50 Reward Points Giveaway [EXPIRED]

50 Reward Points Giveaway [EXPIRED]

We are currently giving away 50 Reward Points if you give us your valuable comment, please visit our website and go to the page of the product you have purchased, click “Write a Review” button, sign in if you need to, then give us the ranking (5 stars are the best) and your comment. When we received your comment, we will review and then send you Reward Points which you can use straight away!


1. Cash back is only applicable to valid and approved comment.
2. You need to mention printer brand and model.
3. This promotion is only for existing customer who had at least purchased from our store before.
4. Under this promotion, each customer is eligible for 1 time only.

If you are new, don’t worry, once you have become our customer (eg just purchased something), you can do this right away and get the Reward Points.


  • You may redeem the Reward Points as deduction to your next order. During checkout, you will have opportunity whether to redeem the Reward Points or keep it for next time.
  • 1 Reward Point can redeem $0.05
  • Ownership of Reward Point is not transferable.
  • Reward Point can only be used within our store.