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News, announcements or articles by Top Choice Variety, including scheduled maintenance, site improvement, change of policy, guides etc.
Vacation Notice
After two years of non-stop operating, we decided to give ourselves a break (vacation), we will be closed from 11-Jan-2012 to 11-Feb-2012. Last orders by 10-Jan-2012 23:59pm. We will still check our mails, but will not be able to take and despatch orders. Sorry for inconvenience. ..
Greater Year
On behalf of Top Choice Variety, I would like to thank all of our loyal customers and supporters for everything. It was a great year in 2011, we have achieved a lot of things, and we look forward to a fresh start in 2012. What did we achieve? We set up SSL for much more secured transactions A Q & A page that should answer most of the FAQ. Being listed in Zen Cart’s showcase Got spotted in ozbargain Facebook fan number reached 550! We brought..
We moved to Australian server
For the sake of speed, performance, reliability, security, up time … we have moved to Australian server. For those who shopped with us, try our speed now :) By the way, we were so busy on other projects (a lot of projects going on simultaneously) and didn’t have time to fix the broken product images. now all product images should be displaying. If you found a broken image, please kindly let us know. ..
Our Google+ Page
Sometimes I really don’t see the point to have another social network page… it’s just another thingy to clone Facebook and seduce people to invest $$$$ and time into it. Having said that, given it is free, so I thought “why not?”. Visit our Google+ page ..
First time being spotted in OzBargain
First time being spotted in OzBargain. Sales got boosted dramatically in the 1st few days. Our Deals, Coupons and Vouchers @ ozbargain ..
We are listed in Zen Cart showcase
We are so proud to be listed in Zen Cart Live Shop Showcase. ..
Q and A page is created
We have created a “Q and A” page to show you the most common questions and answers when dealing with ink cartridges and printing issues. ..
SSL in use
We have just implemented SSL on our website, all transactions are encrypted. It’s MUCH SAFER to order from our website now. ..
Official email changed
Our official email address has changed to It used to be , however, the fee to renew the .me domain is twice the price that we initially applied (well it was sort of special price). So we think maybe it’s no point to own the domain while we are already using . We have decided to give up the .me domain and kiss it goodbye. ..
Top Choice Facebook Page is created
To keep up with the trend of social networking booming era, we have also created Facebook Page. This page will regularly announce Top Choice Variety news and promotions like coupons. We hope by using their powerful social networking ability, it will improve our sales and marketing performance. Visit our Facebook page..
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