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New Troubleshooting added
We are getting this lately: I use Brother printer, no matter how many times I do "cleaning" the print quality is still no good. it seems this situation is quite common, particularly for model that uses LC37 or LC57. It's not gaps or blank, just bad and fuzzy. That we can confirm because we also use "Brother printer that uses LC37" (our model is MFC-260C). The following might be the solution: It occasionally happens when your printing quality is set as &quo..
Postage Change (effective from 1 Mar 2013)
Australia Post had raised their satchel prices at least 3 times (possibly more) ever since we started our shop in 2010, but we still kept the postage unchanged for all these years. What this means is that we absorbed the increased cost for all these years while keeping same postage cost to you. We were able to do so because we bought lots and lots of satchels before each time Australia Post raised their price. Unfortunately our satchel stock is running low now and we won't be able to hold..
Blank Gaps
We had someone returned cartridges to me due to blank gaps however I think it can be solved easily before needing to send back to us. So A new faq added: Q: Blank lines or gaps on printout A: Sometimes when you have installed new cartridge and print straight away, the printout might appear to be a lot of tiny blank lines. This is due to the clogged printhead. Most of the time this can be solved by performing a “c..
Top Choice Help Desk Launched
We are getting more inquiries as we grow, so in order to keep tracks of all the inquiries and to support our customers more efficiently, we have launched Help Desk. We have tested a few help desk (ticket system) software including osticket and Trellis, and we found HESK is very suitable for our needs. The front layout matches our colour perfectly (which saved me time to style it). Although we won’t say it is the best help desk software because the other two are MORE advanced in some..
We are on Twitter!
We really don’t see the point to open another social networking account, but there is always some people only use Twitter and only some use whatever it is. Oh well, it’s no harm to open another one. @topchoiceink Follow us if you want to :) ..
Suncorp Bank’s $5000 Helping Hand grant promotion
Wow, today I read this news by chance, and immediately entered the $5000 promotion. Check it out: Please vote for us!!! ..
Printer, Ink Cartridges and Today
Printer has become very important nowadays and one of the reason is that everything is almost electronic now. Why? Imagine you buy flight ticket, you will realise it is no longer the old fashion printed colourful leaflet but instead it is simply an email, or a pdf and then you need to print them out. How about things you purchased online? The receipt you are getting is what? Bingo, email or pdf, or just the screen that asks you to print. So it is almost impossible that you will not need a pri..
We appreciate those who gave their valuable comments. ..
Customer Review System
We have just implemented the customer review system, so far we have our two customers giving out their valuable comments. I have immediately realised the review page is showing their full name! I cannot believe Zen Cart did not give consideration about privacy… Anyway, we have fixed all the pages that show reviewer’s name so that only partial name is showing. ..
Back in business
Thanks for the patience, we are back in business! ..
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